Videotaped Depositions, Discoveries and Meetings

Utilizing professional 3 CCD DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERAS and MiniDV-formatted videotape, we offer to you only the highest resolution, ensuring quality video and sound.

Formats Offered:

❖ VHS and Super VHS
❖ MiniDV
❖ Digital Video Tapes
❖ DVD discs (playable on progressive-scan DVD players and DVD-Rom Drives)
❖ MPEG-1 files on CD-ROM (main format for synchronizing software)
❖ Computerized Video Editing.
Isolate and focus attention on the important points with our editing capabilities, which include dissolves, still frames, split screens, graphics and many other options. These customizable features allow you to package your presentation for the courtroom.

Certified Legal Videographers

Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) is a designation given to videographers who have attended CLVS seminars and successfully completed both written and skills examinations. Our videographers have attained CLVS certification.

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