A&D has extra large rooms so social distancing is possible at both locations with a capacity of 13 attendees. Our large rooms can accommodate 10 attendees. Our largest room holds 22 people with hearing room, classroom or bullpen configuration.

Both offices are in smaller buildings so there is no lineup for the elevators.    The airport location is on the third floor so there is little elevator traffic.   Parking is free at the airport office.

We have the capacity of the room posted on each door. There are arrows for traffic.   All common waiting areas have been closed off. We are full floor tenants at both locations which eliminates cross traffic.

We have individual hand sanitizers, gloves and masks. Masks must be worn on entry to the building and in all common areas.

Food and beverage items are individually packaged.

Our staff has been trained in all aspects of sanitization and are constantly cleaning surfaces. Muldoon’s Coffee has installed anti-bacterial microfilm on all touch points for coffee and water.

A&D has been inspected by the City of Toronto and CUPE and have adopted their recommendations to guard against the transmission of COVID-19.

We will continue to maintain our courteous and considerate service. Patience and co-operation are key in this transitional phase and we will do our utmost to provide a safe environment for our valued clients.

  • Capacity of the room posted on each door
  • Direction arrows for traffic
  • All common waiting areas have been closed off
  • We are full floor tenants at both locations which eliminates cross business traffic
  • We have bulk and individual hand sanitizers, gloves & masks available
  • Food and beverage items are individually packaged & no food is prepared on site


A&D uses ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, GoToMeeting and Bluejeans. We have ten experienced, security cleared facilitators. Our facilitators are required to sign confidentiality agreements with us.

All hearings and examinations can be done with a variety of combinations:

The A&D Facilitator sets up the meeting, sends out invitations and hosts the meeting.  This involves admitting participants to the main meeting and the breakout rooms and handling documents.

Participants can then all join using videoconferencing, or a hybrid. An in-person/remote hybrid may consist of the following:

  • Parties attending at our office with the Arbitrator brought in remotely on a Big Screen TV.
  • Parties such as a lawyer and client may attend at our office with the examining lawyers or Arbitrator attending remotely.
  • If a witness or party does not have the Internet capability to join a discovery/hearing/arbitration, and they can attend at our office and we will  provide a room, laptop and IT support.
  • Certified Stenotype Court Reporters can also join virtually.
  • In the case of a discovery, the court reporter can also be the host.

It is preferable to do a test call before the actual attendance as there have been glitches with unstable internet. Also some laptops which have software from lawfirms that prohibits videoconferencing and some offices have firewalls that block videoconferencing. There have been problems with cameras and microphones as well, so it is best to have technical problems solved before the live event.

Please let  us know if you have any other logistical issues, and we would be happy to help you with them.

Please contact Marley.Zelden@stenographers for more information.