Covid19 Update

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With COVID-19 and Social Distancing measures in place A&D has the ability to provide you with a virtual court reporter via videoconference or teleconference.

Here is how it works for videoconferencing 

If the video conference is initiated by our office our preferred software is ZOOM. The court reporter can access the videoconference from home.  She can host the discovery with the lawyers and the witness by providing log in and call in details prior to the meeting. This enables us to test the setup with all attendees prior to commencement of the examination.

What we need from your firm

  • All attendee email addresses to whom the invitation should be sent
  • Your availability for a test prior to the start of the examination. This should only take at max 10 min

What you and your clients will need

  • Laptop or telephone with a built-in webcam or microphone
  • Access to a reliable Wi-Fi or hardline network connection

After this initial setup all parties appear on the screen in squares with the speaker being highlighted in green. The court reporter then records the discovery from the video on her Stenograph machine.   ZOOM also has the capability to video record the session as a back up.

If your office and or clients are not familiar with ZOOM and wish to use Skype, Go To Meeting or Web X we have a familiarity with all programs and can work with you to set up alternatives. If your office wishes to host the videoconference our reporter can also join the meeting via invitation sent to their email.

If you wish to conduct a teleconference, we have secure Bell conferencing solutions and can provide a call-in number to all parties with a meeting ID that will be moderated by our reporter from home.

If you have any questions, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance during this difficult time.

Stay safe and healthy!