Court Reporting Services

Atchison & Denman Court Reporting Services Limited. (A&D), provides transcripts to the legal and business communities using computer-aided transcription (CAT). CAT is a method whereby a court reporter records evidence on a stenotype machine verbatim at speeds of up to 300 words per minute.

As well as paper notes, the stenotype machine writes to memory and electronic media (Flash memory cards, diskette, etc.). This media is read by specialized software which translates the machine shorthand into the English language. The court reporter then proofreads the transcript, a hard-copy transcript is printed, and a CD-ROM is produced, which is then provided to the client.

Additionally, CAT can also produce real-time or instantaneous transcript. The steno machine immediately sends its electronic notes to a laptop for instantaneous translation and use by participants. Such transcript is proofread afterwards, a hard-copy transcript printed, a CD-ROM is produced, which then is provided to the client.

Both of the above services are offered by Atchison & Denman.

Atchison & Denman is also a reseller and service provider for LiveNote case management software.

Please contact Carol Denman for details on purchasing LiveNote software.

In conjunction with our product, A&D provides at our offices in downtown Toronto comfortable boardrooms for lawyers and their clients for the holding of Examinations for Discovery. Typically, a lawyer makes an appointment at A&D and is provided with a boardroom and refreshments at no charge. The lawyer is charged for the court reporter’s time. The fee for transcript is on a per page basis. The faster the delivery, the higher the page rate.

As well as individual examinations, A&D provides transcription services for Royal Commissions, Arbitrations, Shareholders meetings and the like. Some of the major clients have been:

❖ The Ontario Energy Board (1992)
❖ The Westray Mine Inquiry, Preliminaries (1993)
❖ Royal Commission into the Niagara Regional Police Force (1988-1992)
❖ The “Patti Starr” Royal Commission Inquiry (1989)
❖ The Trial of “Canwest v. Global” (Winnipeg, 1989)
❖ International Inquiry into the Famine in the Ukraine (1988)
❖ Molson v. Labatts, Glaxo v. Apotex, Glaxo-Wellcome v. Novopharm
❖ Regina v. Rosenberg (Same Day Transcript)
❖ Morton v. Asper (Winnipeg) (Same Day Transcript) (1989)
❖ Official Reporters for the Tax Court of Canada
❖ Official Reporters to the Ontario Securities Commission
❖ Ontario Municipal Board: Pearson International Airport Hearings
❖ Ontario Municipal Board: City of Etobicoke v. The Price Club
❖ The Law Society of Upper Canada (Toronto)
❖ Noble China v. Lei Kat Cheong (in Hong Kong)

Computer-Aided Transcription

The CAT transcription system was an innovation which encouraged lawyers to explore the technology available to them. To inspire lawyers to take advantage of computers which were slowly emerging, A&D provided computer disks at no charge. A&D was the first court reporting firm in Toronto to offer examinations for discovery on disk. A&D also held seminars in its offices on the merits of electronic transcript and demonstrated the various software program available for litigation support. Now that many court reporting firms have caught up to the technology demand created by A&D, we are continuing to develop new products to enhance our strength in the marketplace.

A&D is unique because it can provide transcript, using CAT, on a “same day” turnaround basis for all levels of government and the business and legal sectors. The expeditious delivery of transcript facilitates the speedy resolution of justice for all Canadians.

Condensed Transcripts

“Condensed Transcript” is a compressed version of the transcript. An 8-1/2" by 11″ page of transcript will now hold up to 12 pages of transcript on one sheet of paper. A lawyer who otherwise would have boxes of transcript now has a compressed transcript a few inches thick. The reduction in paper addresses environmental concerns as well.

Word Indexing

A quick-and-easy reference of all the words in the transcript is available through word indexing. You can locate a word by page and line number and use the word index to tweak your memory with a particular phrase you remember in the document.

Board Rooms

Atchison & Denman is located in the financial core of downtown Toronto. We have 12 boardrooms available of varying sizes.

Rush Delivery

While Atchison & Denman strives to offer “Tomorrow’s Transcript Today”, we realize that sometimes that isn’t fast enough!
Atchison & Denman can prepare a digital record in real-time which can be almost instantly E-mailed anywhere in the world. This Computer-Aided Transcript can then be searched, summarized or filed in court the same day.

Geographical Coverage

Atchison & Denman provides court reporting services in and around the Greater Metropolitan Toronto area including such cities as: Etobicoke, Mississauga, North York, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, and Burlington.

Atchison & Denman has developed a Canada-wide database of court reporting services. We’ll help you find an English-speaking reporter in Quebec, a French-speaking reporter in Toronto, or an agency anywhere in the United States or worldwide. Just give us the city and we will help you contact qualified reporters.


We use Pubnetics’ e-Transcript product to provide secure transmittal of transcripts over the internet as well as easy use of the transcript in LiveNote, Summation, and word processing software.


We employ an in-house videographer for videotaping of proceedings, such as:

❖ Depositions
❖ Witness interviews
❖ Corporate interviews
❖ Historical video recordkeeping

Real-Time Transcript

Real-time court reporters can provide immediate transcript for use in CaseView, LiveNote, and other software, with draft copies of transcripts available on CD-ROM shortly after proceedings terminate, with prior arrangement.