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Digital Audio Transcription Services

Our team of expert court reporters can also produce a Certified Transcript from audio files. Digital audio files can be transcribed and delivered electronically in PDF Text or ASCII format.  With short turnaround times. Our court reporters specialize in interviews, round table discussions, telephone conversations, internal inquiries and forensic evidence. As with all of our audio transcription services, confidentiality is paramount and accuracy is guaranteed.

When to use

Witness Statements/Interviews

Client Interviews

Internal Disciplinary Proceedings

Law Enforcement Investigations/Interviews

Forensic Accounting Interviews

Conference Calls

What we deliver

Confidentiality, discretion, and security are paramount when selecting a court reporting firm. With 38 years of experience, you can be assured that all proceedings are held in a safe and secure technological environment. All reporters and facilitators have signed confidentiality agreements. Our certified court reporters all have RCMP security clearance.

We are always open to discussion about our rates in terms of your requirements and needs. If you have questions regarding our audio transcription services feel free to contact us.